Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I marvel at the kids on a nearly daily basis. I'm sure they're soaking up more information than I could ever imagine, but every once in a while, I get a sneak peek at what's going on in their little brains (or I should say, what has been going on).

From my lap while we sat on the living room couch, Addison counted all the way to 6. With help, but she can do it. I'm pretty impressed with my just-turned-two-year-old. I'll never know how she learned it, or even where she picked it up, but there it is: my baby can count. Isn't that amazing?! I'm just in awe.

And then there is Maren. My little go getter. During the girls' bath tonight, I warned Maren (as she was about to climb out of the tub) that if she came out, she wasn't going back in. I proceeded to ask her if she wanted to come out. She told me no, and she promptly sat back down. Later on, while I was in the girls'  room dressing Addison, I heard Maren fall. She whimpered a bit, and then it got quiet, which I have to admit, kind of scared me, because she was still in the tub. Maren and quiet just don't work- like oil and water. I called and asked if she was ok, and to my relief, a squeaky 'yes' reached my ears. She was probably getting into something she shouldn't when I asked her that, and she thought she'd been caught. That sounds like my daughter.

When she did get caught, I was walking back to the bathroom from the kitchen to fish Maren out of the tub, and here she had already climbed out. As soon as she saw me, she turned back to the tub and tried scrambling in as fast as she could. But, not quick enough. With one leg swung over the edge of the tub, I caught her and reminded her that if I caught her out of the tub again, she wasn't going back in.

She wasn't one bit happy with me for that. I'm still giggling about it...

The 'wow' factor for me in my little Maren episode, is that she's able to answer me- properly- while I talk with her from another room. I just marvel that she understands what I'm saying even though I am not eye level with her, or even in the same room. Its a.maz.ing!

Oh, my children!!

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