Thursday, November 10, 2011

Unexpected Rainbows

During our visit to the immunization clinic yesterday, I mentioned to the nurse that I'm slightly concerned that Addison isn't courageous enough to walk on her own yet. We're a few short months away from 2, and she still desperately clings to either mama or daddy's hand in order to move from place to place; and if our fingers aren't available, she opts to crawl.

And yet, I know she can do it. She amazed us a month ago at her cousin's baptism, when uncle was holding her hands and suddenly let go- she didn't realize he wasn't there anymore, and she walked straight to her auntie. I've tried replicating that action since, but have failed each and every time. Any time she's standing against a wall or a door or couch- anything, really- I encourage her to walk to me, and I can see she wants to, but her fear quickly overtakes her and she sinks to her knees and crawls instead. Or, she'll stand there and reach as hard as her little body will allow her for her mama's hand, but when she can't reach it, the outcome is the same: sinks to her knees and crawls.

Then, there are times like this morning, where I went downstairs to check on my little ones, as I was busy upstairs putting things away and tidying up. I tried sneaking up on her, because I could see her from the top of the stairs, and she didn't see me right away. Nope, didn't work. So, instead, I began praising her again: she was walking around with her walker. And, what really impressed me, was that she's learning to turn it or push it certain ways so that she's free to keep walking (like she's up against the wall and can't go any further).


She made my day. I am so proud of her for little things like that. Well, really, it isn't little at all. For her, its HUGE. And, I hope she continues practicing with her walker. Maybe one day soon, she'll feel confident enough to begin walking without it OR her mommy and daddy's fingers.

Having said that, little lady continued to blow me out of the water at lunch time today. She's trying to mimic mommy saying, "all gone" when their lunch is finished (she's soooo close!) and she's trying out her sisters name: it comes out "Mi Mi", but she's trying!

Yup, she's definitely going to be talking circles around her sister- in no time flat!!


~ 178 ~ coming upon her and seeing her practicing walking

~ 179 ~ McDonalds french fries

~ 180 ~ Mac Chicken Cacciatore (tonights supper)

~ 181 ~ Mandarin Oranges

~182 ~ and how much she likes them!

~ 183 ~ the cute little Christmas shovel that's beckoning the season to begin, gracing the steps at my front door

~ 184 ~ discovering its raining again, and seeing a subsequent rainbow

~ 185 ~ Such mild weather for November

~ 186 ~ an anticipated visit from my parents this weekend

~ 187 ~ Butterscotch confetti

~ 188 ~ ok, Christmas baking of all kinds, shapes and forms (and flavors)

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  1. This post brought back memories of Jordan learning to walk unassisted. She used a walker to get around too. Don't worry Momma. She'll get it!