Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sweet Little Pony Tails

Crooked and cute all at the same time, its the first time she's ever worn pony tails in her hair.

I've never been prouder- or more delirious with personal excitement that her hair is long enough to fit (at least for a short period of time) into these two cute little pony tails.

Next, we're going to have to try her sister. Something tells me the pony tails will last MUCH shorter than hers did. They fell out half way between breakfast and snack time this morning. Oh well- they were cute while they lasted!!


~ 151 ~ the way *she* says 'please' and 'thankyou'

~ 152 ~ how she holds her finger up to her mouth and says 'shhhh'

~153 ~ uneven, perfect little pony tails

~ 154 ~ artwork and mirrors hung on walls

~ 155 ~ when she says 'pizza' and really means 'cheese'

~ 156 ~ when she says 'guckey' and she really means 'suckey'

~ 157 ~ when she says 'gockey's' and she really means 'sockey's'

~ 158 ~ finding out the current washer I had (that came with the house) was being held together by sheer will

~ 159 ~ the new washer and dryer husband bought me! (thank goodness for once in a life time, amazing deals!!)

~ 160 ~ the way she claps her hands along to music, and sometimes tries to copy the actions that go along with a certain song or rhyme

~ 161 ~ finding the rest of my tupperware, inside a box, that was buried by mounds of other boxes identical to it!!

~ 162 ~ curtains, forgotten about, that were given to me by sweet, dear sister, that now grace the picture window in the living room (which also had no place in our house in Manor)

~ 163 ~ an exceptionally good nights' sleep last night

~ 164 ~ the break from the kids my sweet mother in law gave me yesterday

~ 165 ~ meatloaf (which everyone under this roof thoroughly enjoys, thankfully!)

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