Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dilemma's of the Small Ensuite Variety

So, as some of you already know (if you're following me on pinterest, at all) that with the purchase of our new house, I'm all about keeping organized, clutter free, and simple DIY projects (among other things).

Other than helping keeping us from tearing our hair out in frustration over misplaced items, finding quick and easy ways to store items and keep them organized has become more of a domestic necessity upon our arrival here at 23 Allan Crescent.

I love our house, and I love it dearly, but some of the spaces are ridiculously tiny! Such as the ensuite in our bedroom. Its nice having our own bathroom, and I heart it immensely, but I have a few problems with it:

one) its small
two) there's no cupboard space of any kind anywhere in this bathroom, except for a small medicine chest (and rickity, at that!!) above the toilet


I've come up with a few neat ideas after wading through Pinterest, such as putting a simple shelving unit above the doorway- which would be great for storing extras, like toilet paper, kleenex and other toiletries; but, I need to find a better way to store my blow dryer and hair straightener. The towel ring next to the sink just isn't cutting it!

Then, I came across this:


Currently, I have a scrapbooking tote that my sweet sister gave me, that's full of scrapbooking odds and ends, and though it would be a great carry along if I were to attend a crop (which aren't too often...more like rarely, lol) it would make a TERRIFIC store-all for my make up, blow dryer and straightener- which in turn, will free up more room in the medicine chest for other storables!

Its the right colors, too, I might add. I've been dreaming of painting the bathrooms a pretty turquoise or aquamarine color, and the scrapbook tote has that color in it! (Along with brown, which has long been a favorite color combo).

(I'm also really liking the idea of attaching cheap spice racks to the walls in an attempt to add a little more storage to our ensuite). If not that, then the small medicine chest is going to be replaced (eventually, of course), with a taller wall unit that surrounds the toilet.

Think the Dollar Store with More will carry cheap wooden spice racks?? And, think spray paint will be sufficient enough to paint it the right color?

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