Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Past

~ 141 ~ Trick or treating with their 'bestie' this year (but unfortunately, she was sick, so had to miss out) :(

~ 142 ~ All the candy she is so generously sharing with her sister, who had to miss out

~ 143 ~ The family friendly neighborhood we live in (yay for lots of kids!!)

~ 144 ~ The compliments a random kid made randomly to my husband while she was randomly trick or treating at our house (thank you, kind girl, for liking my pumpkin stuffed black leotards and the way my house smells. You made my day!!)

~ 145 ~ Thank you, PINTEREST, for inspiring me to stuff black leotards with tiny pumpkins! (pics to follow when I find the appropriate equipment)...

~ 146 ~ the large window in my kitchen, allowing LOTS of warm sunlight to fill it each and every morning. Its the warmest room in the house!

~ 147 ~ the large picture window in the living room, where the Christmas tree will live when its put up

~ 148 ~ my spacious kitchen, that I am in ABSOLUTE love with!

~ 149 ~ the weathered bench, that's currently perched on the deck, under said large window in the kitchen, just BEGGING for something to adorn it

~ 150 ~ a new month


She's been on my mind the last couple days. Truthfully, my thoughts don't often include her, and until recently, I haven't given her much thought. I did try once, sometime in the past, to try and re-locate her, but it didn't work. I didn't try very hard, either.

She's been on my mind since the kids' playmate and her mommy entered our lives. When she shared her story with me, and I was moved to tears over it, I was inspired again to find her.

At least, to let her know that she has grandbabies- two of them, and they are both girls.

I am not interested in pursuing anything further than that; I have just been thinking it might be nice for her to know that her only child, now a mother herself, has made her a grandmother. Even though I didn't give her, back in my teenage years, exactly what she was looking for, maybe I can make up for lost time- in a way- by letting her know where I am at in my life. Maybe she would consider it cruel, telling her she's a grandmommy and not learn a single thing further than that, with the news I want to share with her.

And, having said that, I realize its probably just best left alone.

The news in itself, knowing I am alive and well, and have dear babies of my own, would be comforting. Wouldn't it?

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