Monday, November 14, 2011

Checking Out The Sights

 I was cleaning up the kitchen after baking a quick batch of cookies for our play date later this afternoon and feeding the twinlets their lunch, when I turned around to see her carrying her pink adirondak chair from their bedroom right up to my feet at the kitchen counter. Well, I should mention that we took a quick break when we reached the lino and accidentally set the chair down on our sensitive toes, so we had a quick cry, then cheered up when the calendar hanging on the wall caught our attention and amusement. After setting her back down on the floor after hugging her, she carried her chair right up to the counter and sat down to watch the amusement show.

That is, her mommy wiping down the counter. I asked her a few times if she was ready for nappy time, and she told me no, but went off in search of kiki (her blankie). When she returned, this is what I found her doing:

She was taking kiki for a walk!

I guess its time to find a dolly carriage for their babies (and kiki's!!)

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