Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Another Good Day

~ 166 ~ long talks over steaming mugs of tea with good friends

~ 167 ~ my new fabulous filing system: an old dish rack filled with file folders for bills and pens filling the utensil cup. Its the GREATEST idea, ever!!!

~ 168 ~ an actual computer, and not an Iphone, to type on

~ 169 ~ candles, especially hazelnut cream scented ones

~ 170 ~ the way she cries and holds her hands out for me to take her with us when we leave their house

~ 171 ~ how my heart breaks a little for that sweet little lady every time we leave their house

~ 172 ~ for little playmates for my girls to grow up with

~ 173 ~ warm tea on chilly, feels-like-winter-but-its-not-quite-here-yet days

~ 174 ~ babies that just ADORE the water- mine included!

~ 175 ~ winter coats that were given us because they weren't going to be used

~ 176 ~ healthy children


On that note, I brought the kids to the hospital today for the immunization clinic. It turned out to be a gong show, and we need to go back on December 2nd for our actual immunizations, but we did learn today just HOW healthy my little girlies are.

We've known for quite some time that Miss Maren is taller than average for her age, and she's also heavier than most children her age (proportionately).


She scored above the 95th percentile in those two categories: she weighs 31.5 lbs and she's 90 cms tall  (however tall that is). She's not yet two, and she's a full head taller than her playmate, who is two months younger than her. DEFINITELY taking after her daddy- at least in the height department. I wonder if that's a family thing, on his side, because now that I think about it, his sister is quite tall, too.

Miss Addison, on the other hand, falls right in the middle. She weighed in at 28 lbs, and I can't recall how tall she is. I do know she has a bigger head than her sister- must be from all that thinking she does! She's like a sponge- soaks everything around her up! Next to their playmate, she's a few inches to half a head taller. She DEFINITELY takes after her mother- in every department, including personality- and then some.

Some days, I hope it isn't a bad thing. EVERY day, I do hope the way I am raising (and by that, I mean treat) her is fairer to her than the way I was raised (treated). I would hate to see history repeat itself.


~ 177 ~ another good day

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