Sunday, November 13, 2011

An Era Has Ended

Amidst the chaos of personal and relational disharmony, I've taken on the task of teaching the kids to sleep without pacifiers. We are down to one; I told husband that when we've lost all the sucky's, not one more is being bought. The girls are going to have to learn to live without them.

I tore the house apart at naptime, trying to find the second last sucky I gave one of the twinlets to suck on, and its vanished. All that is left is a lonely pink one.

Implementing the sleep routine again (gradually tapering off the frequency I go into the girls' room to comfort them), it took half an hour to get them to sleep. Bedtime is going to be a chore again, but I think its about time. Losing, and searching for missing sucky's has become quite the stressful event. Neither of us enjoys looking for them. So, out of exasperation over that last sucky, I am hiding (or throwing out) the last sucky, and we are not dealing with them anymore.

Bye, sucky's. It was good while it lasted!

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