Thursday, February 3, 2011


My dear wild child, it is quickly becoming time for mama to baby proof her house.

Instead of putting you in a highchair while I did the dishes and talked on the phone with grandpa, I left you on the floor to play. I like that you are able to move around and entertain yourself while you're at it, but I find I still have to watch you like a hawk because you're getting into things I don't want wrecked!

I followed you into the dining room and watched you tugging at my sweater which hung on the chair above you, and then watched you get yourself stuck under a chair flower pot at the patio window. When I pulled you from there, I followed you around the table to the opposite corner of the room where one of my wedding flower arrangements stands- you began tugging at the flowers in the arrangement.

THAT was enough, I decided.

Time to put you into something that won't get you into trouble!!

Everything that is on the floor and anything that is within your reach that is breakable and sentimental are going to be put away, not to come out again until you are bigger. I'm a little sad some of my pretty things have to be put away, but I'd rather keep them in good condition than miss them once they're ruined!

This afternoon, I put you and your sister down for a nap, and I came back a few minutes later to try and hush your crying, only to find you sitting in your crib--I left you lying down! This is the first time I've found you sitting up on your own.

Good on you, baby!

You definitely are a handful, but I wouldn't want you any other way!

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