Thursday, September 8, 2011


Am I failing you, little one?

Temper tantrums, in the last couple days have me worried, confused and at a complete loss. And, I have to admit I am not handling this situation well. I am not proud of how I often react. I don't want to be a short tempered, insensitive mama. I feel as though I am, and that shames me.

I feel as though I'm failing you because I don't know why you get so upset; then you get upset because i don't see what the issue is; a temper tantrum ensues, and then you become irate with me for disciplining you (in the form of time outs in bed). You are being disciplined when you shouldn't be. Are you hungry, like daddy thinks? If its an issue of not being fed enough, how do i provide enough variety from one meal to the next?

Is it something else? Are you not stimulated enough during the day- another reason I am failing you? This has been on my mind for the last few days, too. We'll be doing more together; an activity for us in the mornings, and another in the afternoons. I have to do something creative to keep the good energy flowing!

Have I been going about raising you all wrong? You are entering the "terrible twos"; are you asserting your independence already? You got extremely mad at me when I insisted on holding onto your cup of applesauce; you wanted to do it, and you werent going to take no for an answer. I just wanted to preserve my newly washed floor and another outfit of yours that's going to need to be washed (and it's highway robbery here in the apt). You're showing me none of that matters. You're also showing me that I am about to be schooled in the art of patience!

Help a clueless mama out, baby. You've GOT to make what you want CRYSTAL clear for me, or I'll never get it!

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