Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Take It While You Can!

As promised:

Cheddar-mashed potato casserole

-2 lbs of your favorite potatoes, quartered
-2 tbsp. Margarine
-1/2 cup sour cream
-1 cup cheddar cheese, shredded
-2 tbsp. Bacon bits (real is better)
-3-4 tbsp. Basil pesto

Cook potatoes in boiling water in large saucepan 20 minutes or until tender; drain. Return to pan.

Heat oven to 350F. Add margarine, sour cream and basil pesto to potatoes; mash until smooth. Spoon half into 1.5 L casserole dish; cover with layers of cheese and remaining potatoes and bacon bits.

Bake 30 to 35 minutes or until heated through.

It's such a beautiful day- a very nice change from the windy, cool weather we've been currently experiencing. I think we'll take a walk this afternoon! We probably won't have many more days like this!!


~ 64 ~ the way she walked right up to the door, pointed at it, and screamed DADDY!!!
~ 65 ~ how he wakes me and says Good morning to me before he leaves
~ 66 ~ telling him I love him and be careful! Every morning when he wakes me before he leaves
~ 67 ~ how they LOVE their Beatrix Potter videos
~ 68 ~ a tidy kitchen
~ 69 ~ ANYTHING rooster :)

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