Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Perfect Day

A happy tuesday afternoon in our household is made up of: 1) helping mama finish her breakfast when theirs is done (sometimes mama selfishly eats before they get theirs) 2) a hot, energizing shower marking the beginning of the day 3) rounding them up, then heading out the door- making sure she is holding my left hand, and the other {almost} securely held in mama's other arm; the rushing back inside, once they are secured in their booster seats to father up the laundry that must be done 4) on such a pleasant, sunny morning, taking a walk through the park, listening to the occasional happy squeaks and squeals they make in sheer delight (and later on, the delighted "puppy!" that she shrieks when she sees a dog) 5) picking up the missing ingredients that will make supper at the grocery store 6) reheating their lunch on the stove and watching (to my personal satisfaction) that they ate a large lunch today! 7) watching (over and over again- though they didn't seem to mind- OR notice) the one and only four square DVD mama was able to find for them...I live that they live it! It's so cute hearing them giggling over the goofy things they do! 8) a slightly disrupted nappy time; the PERFECT time for mama to tackle her and daddy's bedroom (unpacking and setting up, that is) 9) continued play time, snack time and another trip made for laundry 10) hearing two angelic voices repeating "daddy" over and over again- for so long, in fact, that I thought maybe a phone call to daddy was in order!! 11) resting with my babes sitting on and next to me, smelling the Inviting scent of stew cooking in my crockpot It was my friends idea to post something similar to this, and I liked it, so decided to do the same. What makes up a routine day (mundane or not) in your happy life?

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