Monday, January 16, 2012

Excited for Cookies

As promised! Here's more Project 365 pics.

But, before I get to that, I just need to share a little Maren-ism:

"I'm excited!"

"What are you excited about?"


Just a little discussion we had while I was changing her dirty diaper...

So, these next few pictures are still whats left of Christmas...

Addison's attempting to feed her little pony in this picture. So cute, right?? "Mimickry is the best form of flattery" and I can't help but think how true that is when I see this picture. Its a little hard to see, but you're feeding your rocking horse. Of course he gets hungry, too! I think its so darned cute when I see you and your sister sharing your meals- with kiki or anything else you feel needs nourishment. It shows how caring and thoughtful you are! ~

Maren- you just love your rocking horse. As soon as daddy had it assembled, you wouldn't get off!

Addison and Chloe- On Boxing Day, Grandma and Grandpa K and Chloe joined us for dinner. We waited until they got here, and then we opened the last two presents under the tree. You got a dolly, stroller, and playpen set (which you and Chloe liked so much, you both began to fight over it!) and you also got a rocking horse. I'd say those presents were a smash hit- between all three of you! Chloe continued playing with it until you woke from your nap. ~ 12/26/12

Oh I wish I could remember the convo Lou and I had about this picture! I just remember telling her that the final product would be worth it! (Notice her loving son in the background...)

Addison- You woke up with a red, irritated looking eye the morning of Christmas Eve. Sometime just didn't feel right, so I watched you closely that day. It didn't go away and on Christmas morning, I began to worry it was pink eye. When your eyes got goopy, Oma and I brought you to the NorthEast Medical Centre and learned it was an infection caused by the cold you were also fighting at the time.

My big teddy bear playing with his little cubs, and the teddy they got from Grammy for Christmas

Maren- "I love you when you're sad and need a kiss and hug...I love you because you're YOU!" ~ Liza Baker; "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always; as long as I'm living, my BABY you'll be" ~ Robert Munsch

When I asked Maren if she was ready to go to Ryan and Jasons' for New Years Eve, she told me "Ready, set, go!"

A two page spread of the bonfire we had at a friends' place for New Years. ~ There may not have been explosives lighting the sky,but we were ready for another kind of light show- a bonfire!

pg. 2

Maren- you sure do enjoy playing with Ryan and Jason. SOmetimes they get a little rough, but that's just boys being boys. I know you're happy and having fun with them when I hear your squealing- they are great energy for you, and they help burn off some of it too!

My New Years Resolutions...and, here begins Project 365 pictures...

January 5- On the day this picture was taken, you had a time out in bed for constant screaming. Instead of a punishment, it became nap time! (Little did I know then that you had a nasty case of tonsillitis.) You slept 2 hours that morning- barely an hour and a half after waking up for the day- and after you woke, you had a fever. You and I cuddled all day on the couch, and spent a few nights sleeping there, too. It was a rough couple days!

January 6- Maren, your new favourite thing to do is to point at the mirror, asking, 'please, please?' then point to the clock behind us- which you call 'cuckoo' and then you point to your self in the mirror and say, 'thats me!'

January 7- You were still feeling pretty rotten today, so no pictures were taken. We just had a relaxing day instead! ~ I just used an extra Christmas picture I had for this layout

January 8- playing under the sofa table. Bath time always seems to energize you. Instead of preparing you for bed time, the warm water makes you extra playful!

January 9- Our daily routine has evolved to include Toopy and Binoo before nap time and bed time. Its your most favourite tv show, next to In the Night Garden an Manon. When it gets close to sleepy time, I begin saying, "its almost time for sleepies!" so there's no surprises!

January 10- At 10 am, Ryan and Jason came over so their mom could make an appointment. Addison, you weren't too crazy about having your toys taken away from you; Maren, you like the boys even if they are sometimes a little rough. Later, after lunch, Randi and Paxxon joined us and we had a fun, big old play date- including a surprise visit from auntie!

In a mothers eyes, there is nothing more precious than a sleeping baby

Oh! How peaceful and beautiful you are as you sleep!

I knew you girls were tired from all the activity today, but I didn't know you were this tired! I wasn't sure Addison would sleep in bed (or at all) without her kiki. But, she did; and Maren, I didn't think you would sleep with anything other than your yellow kiki. Wrong! You both slept fairly well there on the floor with the tv on- at least 40 minutes!

These last three layouts I wanted to do separately because first, we had such a busy day, but secondly, the pictures I got of the girls sleeping on the floor like that were too precious to group together into one layout. I had to do a couple!

Pretty hefty photo post, huh? I know, it was insane. But, I love them, and can't help myself from flipping through them every time I add a new layout to the album. I just ADORE it!

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