Friday, January 20, 2012

...eventful, memorable...

There's just a few random tidbits from today that brought a smile to my face (and the occasional, random giggle, too):

Usually, while I'm cooking supper, something winds up in the garbage can. A baggie, packaging, food that was dropped on the floor- you name it. Any time I throw something in there, the girls need to go and check it out. And, if it looks interesting enough, play with it.

I know. Eeew, right?

As per workplace hazard, Maren walks up to the garbage can after I threw something in there, and she began rummaging around in it. I'm either standing at the stove, or putting something into the sink; either way, I say to her, "Get out of there, please. That's yucky." So she does, my good girl. Addison walks up- either having heard our conversation and completely ignoring it, or disregarding it because it obviously doesn't apply to her, lifts the lid and peers inside. "Addisee! No!" Maren literally shouted at Addison.


It made me laugh.

My bossy little toddler. (And, by the way, when exactly did that happen?!) And, I'm sure in her mind, bossy is ok because she's the oldest, don't you know?

Then, a little later on, the phone rings. Thinking it was husband, I picked up and (thankfully) double checked to see what number showed up. It was my parents. Which was nice, because its been a few weeks since we talked, since they were in Cuba vacationing. (Slightly green with envy...) I had heard in the news that people that were there in the last few days were coming home with flu-like symptoms, and it had me worried that they might be some of those people. (Once again, thankfully not). Mom and I talked for like 30 seconds before Maren literally screamed in my face, "AUNTIE!!!" (She'd been asking for uncle, then auntie, then after some prompting, Oma. I tried Grammy and Grandpa too, but she wouldn't take the bait). So, gently telling her it wasn't auntie, it was Oma, I asked her if she would like to talk with her. She enthusiastically nodded her head yes.

And the conversation she had with Oma!!!

My word- I'm not sure how much of it mom caught; I know I sure didn't catch much of it, but it was sure cute to listen to! There were words here and there, like...oh I don't know anymore- Gregory, surprise, Adisee and Binoo (for example), but everything else was just babble. A total Maren-ism. Mom was laughing so hard at one point, she had to put dad on the phone to have a listen. Mom must have asked Maren if she wanted to talk with Poppa, because I heard Maren answer, "Of course!!!" When I pulled the phone away from her ear, I asked mom if she heard her say "of course", but dad answered instead. Laughing.

Did I mention this was Maren's first ever actual phone conversation?

I've been watching her practicing over the last two days. She's been asking constantly for her 'game, game', and usually its to play SOund Touch on my iPhone. (Its both the girls most favourite thing in the universe). Anyways, while she's playing with it, she'll hold it up to her ear and just start babbling, like someone is on the other end, but there really isn't.

Let the good times roll!

And last, but not least, while the girls and I were sitting at the table eating our supper (daddy got home late from work), Maren turned to me with the most solemn look on her face, and said, "Uh oh. Kiki poopy." Kiki was nowhere to be found. Probably somewhere in the living room, but nonetheless, he'd made a poopy. "Oh? Kiki's poopy?" I asked. "Kiki pee pee" she told me instead. "Oh, my mistake. Kiki's made a pee pee." " Kiki poopy."

Did I really teach her to say "Ummmm" before starting any kind of sentence? One of my friends pointed it out, and sadly, I have to admit, I'm at fault for saying "ummm" too much. Who knew? (Oh, and by the way, it wasn't Kiki who was poopy. In the end, it was miss Maren herself that was poopy).

All this happened in a two hour window- after waking from their nap (which was ridiculously long this has me on 'eagles eye' watch again for any kind of illness that's looming on the horizon, though I'm hoping with all my fingers crossed it was just a growing day)- till daddy's supper time at 7 tonight. (Like 2.5 hours). What a busy, fun, eventful, memorable afternoon this was!!

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