Friday, January 14, 2011


in the bath has been yours and your sisters' favorite past time since your very first bath. (I even like to think you enjoyed it while you were still in the womb...)

When you were really little, you would just lean back and soak up the warmth--and the pampering. (Who wouldn't, right??)

As you continued to grow, and further enjoy your baths, I began wondering (just recently, truth be told) when you were going to start cooing and smiling during your bath. Typically, you're preoccupied with kicking your feet and keeping your hands out of the water as much as possible. Once, you kicked so hard, you got water in your face.

{Insert snicker (hidden, of course) here}

Shock passed over your features, and then a very visible (though mental) shake of the head, and you continued to play. Funniest thing, up to date, your mother has ever seen. From you, that is.

The sweetest thing your mother has ever seen, up to date, while you're playing in the bath, occured this evening.

All of a sudden, you stopped playing, there was no expression on your face, and you stared hard into the water you were soaking in. (It scared me because I didn't know what was going on--were you going to poop right there in the tub, were you going to cough, fart, spit up???) Nope. You looked up, looked right at me, and smiled the biggest and brightest smile.

Oh dear, sweet Addison.

{Insert swoon here}.

I laughed a little too loud (in delight, of course), and I think it scared you, because all seriousness returned in the very next instant. Dang it!! So, I began to whisper to you, and in the next instant, you began cooing. And talking. And smacking your lips together--just like a fish--all while still kicking your feet. Oh, and playing with your bath toys.

After drying you off, we took a quick detour into the living room to tell daddy about your new milestone, and the entire three minutes we stood there talking, you continued to smack your lips together like the sweet little fishy you are, and every once in a while your leg would lightly thump my thigh-- you were still kicking. And smiling. (You continued right through getting lotioned up and dressed in your jammies, too!)

To finish off our amazing bath time, I walked into your room to get your sister dressed, only to find you passed out. In bed. With your binkie above your head, your mobile playing, and your sucky hanging haphazardly from your relaxed lips. I pulled your blankie from under your feet and back on top of you, re-adjusted binkie so he was in your arms again, and pushed your sucky back into your mouth.

You never stirred.

After such a wonderful day, this evening was the icing on the cake.

I love you, Miss Addison

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  1. Oooh.. this makes my heart smile for you and your sweet Addison! :) What a very special night indeed! :) I'm so happy that she is getting to show you her cooing, happy side of life! What a treat!