Thursday, January 20, 2011

Liar Liar

We are lucky enough to be heading into Regina next Friday for the appointment we've been worrying over--rather than waiting the dreaded three months to see the pediatrician, we have only a week to wait!



We are being made into liars.


Missy Moo seems to be pulling out of the funk that she's been in the last two months. She is napping better again, her appetite seems to be returning, and although she had one minor hiccup at 6 this morning, the crying fits seem to be subsiding, too.

Though, that doesn't explain why her right knee won't reflex when its hit with the rubber mallet.

But, maybe--hopefully--everything is interrelated and we can get all our concerns answered in one shot. I will insist that both girls be sent to an allergist or have allergy testing done. I have a nagging suspicion there are allergies at play. Some how, in some small part.

However, I am still going to keep the appointment we booked with a NICU doctor (in the meatime), just in case we are not satisfied with the answers we get from this pediatrician.

And, in a last ditch effort, if none of that pleases me, I am bringing her to Alberta, and I'll find a doctor there that will listen to me and do something about it...

But, since I am staying positive and hopeful this is going to turn up some long awaited answers, I'm really looking forward to next Friday!!


  1. Yahoo!! Definitely good news on all accounts! Did you get in to the doc you asked me about?

  2. i know how you feel. H has been in a funk for 2 mo too. good luck! its too bad you cant come here we have two walk in clinics near by that have peids as well... ours works out of there and the BC children's hospital.

    if you go to edmontnon Dr Teoh is awsome. he is a peid and works at the royal alex stollery.