Sunday, January 23, 2011

Something New

Neither of you had seen anything like it in your short baby lives. The lights were bright, the air was cool, and then soon there were men gliding around on ice in bright colored jerseys, pushing around black round objects that made loud noises when they hit the glass in front of us.

You looked at the ceiling, rippled and poorly absorbing the heat the furnace was undoubtedly throwing into the air, at people filling up the lobby, at the policeman in his uniform standing directly behind the chair I was sitting in, taking everything in. Faintly, a slight smile crossed your mouth (behind your sucky), or did it? I couldn't really tell. Daddy thought he saw it, too.

You were about to witness your first hockey game- fights and all. It was going to be the battle of the towns: Arcola vs. Carlyle. (Go Combines, go!!)

In my lap, you were lightly bouncing binky's pink bunny ear in the air, staring intently at the men on the ice warming up; then you were in mama's arms as I stood rigidly in the corner, in front of the plexiglas separating us from colder air still, and flying hockey pucks that could knock a person out, leaving pretty colors in its wake, should they hit you. The loud, sudden sound of the puck hitting the glass evoked no fear of any kind in you--not even a response.

Daddy and I looked at eachother in surprise--and relief. We might have a good night afterall!

I underestimated just how good the night would be for you and I. Shortly after the game began, you began slouching in my lap, you began whining and wouldn't settle down. Finally, upon standing for the thirtieth time, I decided to cradle you to sleep like I had done so many times when you were itty bitty tiny.

Sucky in mouth, binky tucked under your arm with soft ears at your chin for easy access (to either play with or chew on--of course all at your own discretion), and blanket covering you for extra warmth, you settled. You stared for the longest time at the policemen (by that time a few more had dropped in to visit--must have been a real busy night) and paramedics standing behind us, talking to the couple with a baby there, just as if you were eavesdropping on their Newfie-accented conversation; your sister was intent on playing with the mama and the baby at the same time. For her, there was too much going on, too much to absorb, too much to miss should she go to sleep.

Nope, she'd keep going till she dropped in her tracks.

(Where does she get all her energy, daddy asked. Its beyond me, truthfully, but all I told him was babies are supposed to be full of energy, and as we grow up, we lose it...)

Finally, eventually, you fell to sleep. Deeply enough, I might add, for sucky to even fall from your mouth.


(Of course, you woke a few times in between to cry and whimper, but you soon were back to dreamland each time).

Even though the rest of the night was rough for the three of us, thank you so much for this small gift. I love moments like this.

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