Sunday, August 19, 2012

Got Sketch?

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I based this layout on sketch 68 over at Got Sketch? I thought it would perfectly highlight the damage done to one of the girls' toys after being thrown down the stairs. I am not sure, exactly, what possesses the kids to throw things down there, other than to see what happens. Oh, the things I find down there! My mop and bucket, dish towels, shoes, toys--you name it, it has been thrown over the bannister and down the stairs.

We had a fabulous weekend with my dear friend visiting. We got a lot of visiting in, even with the kids around, and we learned that the jet boat races are incredibly entertaining boring. I don't think we'll be going again. But, at least now we know!

Annnnd, I've learned that the girls think there's an 'uncle' since I was calling A auntie A all weekend. Oops! How do you explain to little ones that its possible to have an 'auntie', even if there's no 'uncle' yet??? And, they're right to suppose that when there's an auntie, there should be an uncle. The only time we've referred to an auntie and uncle is when my sister and brother in law are around. Must be a tough thing to be a kid!!

So--nothing too exciting should be happening now until the end of the month- when A and I have our next hair appointment scheduled, and our niece gets married! After that, (apparently), the kids will be joining their grandparents on one last camping trip of the summer, and hopefully the weather will have cooled off {considerably} by then!

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