Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Touch of Whimsy

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I've alluded to it time and again, but if you didn't know or were unsure, I've been blessed with twins. And, a blessing they are for sure, even though I've been struggling and finding things incredibly tough these days. Obviously, they are pictured above.

We were both pretty overwhelmed with the news that twins were on the way. Neither of us really thought about it during my pregnancy, but when they did arrive, two big questions loomed large in our minds: 1) how were we going to tell them apart, and 2) what sides of the truck were we going to put them? Both very important questions!

Luckily, there was no difficulty for us telling them apart- unfortunately for Maren, she looked fairly sickly and unwell until she had a blood transfusion- her platelets were low and she was incredibly pale. After that, she pinked up nicely. But, there was no mistaking the two- Maren was still smaller and either malnourished-looking or under-developed. (Once again, thankfully, that quickly changed!! My girl STILL loves her food!) Some people nowadays, are able to tell them apart, but most people can't, which kind of baffles me, because I think the difference between them is like night and day!

Still, we mutually decided that to keep any confusion at bay (and help other people easily remember who was who), we gave the girls colour coded soothers, winter coats, shoes- anything that would help distinguish one from the other. Maren's colour was predominantly pink, and Addisons was purple. You'll see in older pictures of the girls, that we tried to adhere to that rule as much as possible. (For instance, last winter, both girls had pink and purple snowsuits, but their 'dressier' winter coats were purple and brown). Their summer shoes are dark pink (Maren) and white/lighter pink (Addison). I don't think they're ever going to escape the colour coding!

In the picture above, they're almost in their colours. But, not quite. They're backwards. Addison is wearing the pink dress and yellow shirt, and Maren is wearing the blue dress and pink shirt. LOL Just to keep you on your toes, I guess.

So, in that light, the colour scheme I chose to do this layout with echoes their colour scheme almost perfectly. (I have trouble determining whether the flowers in the patterned paper are purple or blue. It could go either way).

As to which side of the truck the girls would sit on--I came up with the idea to use an.... what's the correct term? I can't think of it??? MR AL. MR= Maren right and AL= Addison left. That's never changed, either. Unless, of course, I have a brain fart and put them on the wrong sides by accident. Like that's never happened. LOL (And leave it to my sister to connect the girls initials to my moms maiden name- ABMA.  Addison Brie, Maren Avery. Crazy!! Seriously. That wasn't planned!)

Geez, what's with the bunny trails today? Ask me about my girls, and I'll tell you everything I can about them!

Anyhow, this layout is based on a card I saw that I loved and wanted to translate into a layout. You can find it here. Seriously, inspiration is everywhere!!! And, thank goodness for Pinterest! Otherwise, I'd forget where I find anything!

The floral paper is scraps that I used up, and its Recollections (My Favorite Things collection. How fitting, right?!) The hot pink paper is also from Michaels (ugh- never, I repeat never purchase the sticky back card stock from there. Blech. Not.fun.to.play.with. I keep the lining on the back ON, and use my adhesive to stick it to anything. Much nicer- and easier to keep your alignments straight!! Unless you plan on using it for small items, then maybe using it might not be so frustrating).

The patterned papers making up the circles are all miscellaneous- K&Co, and Stampin' Up.

The chandelier was part of the floral paper- I fussy cut it out and adhered it on its own. I can now cross using a chandelier off of my scrappy 'bucket list'. I had wanted to use one somewhere for so long, and now I finally did! Whoo! (I love the little birdie sitting on it. Adds just a touch of whimsy).

That's all I've got for now.

Take care,



  1. Very pretty page, and I love the narrative on finding out about the twins and all the little things. It's so true!

    My twins are boy/girl so it's a little easier, but their cousin is only 3 months older and since grandmommy gets so many of the same things for the three of them, we do the pink/purple color coding as well just to remember whose cup or blanket or shoes are whose. ;)

    Such a sweet post and great page!

  2. Such a wonderful layout, Ali!!!! I love the color and your amazing design, as always! And I loved reading your post, too! TFS!!!!!