Tuesday, August 28, 2012


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Do you have a friend that is very special to you? Do you get to see her (or him) very often? Have you been friends for so.long that you don't even remember when you first met?

We've been through a lot, A and I, and our friendship has weathered a lot of storms. There have been times where we haven't been close and haven't had much contact, but somehow, our friendship has defied the 'friends for a season' cliche, and its withstood the test of time. Not many friendships last that long, and if they do, they're one in a million. Our friendship is one of those that even if we drift apart and our lives get in the way, we'll still be able to pick up where we left off.

I'm so thankful that happened with our move back to Alberta. Not that we didn't stay in touch while we lived in a completely different province. We did. But, now that we're so.much.closer, we've renewed the desire to meet up as much as our schedules allow. We often don't get to talk much in-between, but when we do have a coffee date planned, there's a ton to share! I actually kind of like it that way. Then we never have anything dull to talk about, and its never repeated 20 million times. Its always fresh and new.

We've discovered that the best way for us to get the most amount of time to visit (while also knocking off a must-do chore from our ever-growing to-do lists), is to book our hair appointments together. Yeah, it only happens every 6-8 weeks, but it works so well for us! We usually meet up for lunch beforehand, chit chat through our meal, and then continue on while we're having our hair done. Its wonderful! And, kudos' to our hairdresser for being willing to do our hair at the same time. She's an absolute blessing! In the end, that's an entire afternoon catching up with my bestie.

This layout is a mix and match of all sorts of papers. Some of it is Recollections, some of it is K&Co, some of it is DCWV (I think) and some of it is even Sandy Lion. That little piece of ribbon at the top, above the picture? Hidden journalling.

Tomorrow I'll be sharing another layout, but that one is fairly personal. Upon hearing that scrapping the hard times as well as the good could be therapeutic, I decided to take that advice and get 'er done. It may not appeal to some of you, and if not, that's totally fine. Just come back whenever you're ready!

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  1. This page is the sweetest :) It's wonderful that you created a layout to celebrate your precious friendship! And love the hair cuts too :)