Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dream Haven

Wow, the temps finally seem to be coming down! Its currently only about 18 degrees in the house- I've got wooly slippers on my feet and a fleece sweater to keep the rest of me warm! And, to add a touch of extra warmth (and a heavenly aroma), I whipped up some cupcakes before the kids hit the sack for their afternoon nap. I promised them that when they wake up, we'll ice and decorate them- of course, as long as they're cooled enough. I think I might bring some of them down to the campground with us this weekend. It might be a nice, sweet treat for S's wedding shower (if there isn't anything already there that's sweet and tasty).

In my search for storage solutions for my haven (which coincidentally has turned into an obsession of sorts these days), I came across a multi-tiered DIY standing embellishment system that is similar to the Simply Renee Clip it Up systems that I've seen around. Only, this one uses lamp shades for the rings to clip your embellishments to. Ingenious! I want Kyle to help me construct one- it would be a heck of a lot cheaper than buying new!! And, it looks so stylish!

Are you one of those that has hoards of Sizzix or Cuttlebug or Big Shot dies and embossing folders lying around, and you're not sure how to store them? Or, are you not happy with your current storage method? I have very, very few (at the moment- like most everything else in my haven lol), and one day I plan to bulk up on those particular items. And, currently, they are free standing on the floor in the closet in my haven. I want to find a place to store them. From the little bit of research I've done on the net, the most popular method seems to be just storing them on a shelf and having a master copy in a binder (who would have thought?!) of every embossing folder and die they own. Mmm- not me. I'm not crazy about that idea- especially since I've got no shelf space available for anything like that!

So, here's my idea: either have someone (my dad or FIL) create a cute little wooden box like this (which also made me think- what about using those little cd stands that house your cd's upright? That may work, too!), and my favourite: using a recipe box or an altered recipe box or card box. (Granted, this second link is actually of another recipe box that was altered, but it looks so much to me like the card boxes I've seen in the Dollar Store and Walmart, that I'm sure that would work, too!)

So, I tried it out. I put the 4 (yes, you read right, FOUR) lonely Cuttlebug embossing folders I own inside a card box I'm using to store none other than my own handmade cards, to see if they fit- with the lid on- and VOILA! they do!! I've also seen that photo boxes work well to store your dies and embossing folders, too. And, when I have enough to comfortably say that I've got a respectable embossing folder library, I'll include cute little dividers inside, so that they are neat and organized. They may be organized alphabetically, or by some other unforeseen method. The sky's the limit here!

Now, having said all this, up until now I haven't been much of one to 'alter' any sorts of items. But...if I were to implement using a recipe box or card box to house my embossing folders- and if said box didn't meet my 'aesthetically-pleasing-to-my-eye' standards, I may cross the boundary and try my hand at altering an item. I'll keep you posted on that. I'm actually kind of stupidly excited about it!

I have one more organizational eye candy item to share with you. I'm in love with this idea, and must own it in the near future (I'm thinking it would make a marvellous birthday present or Christmas present- though before Christmas would be ideal!!)

Like most everyone else on the planet, I've got an obscene amount of tissue paper, gift bags, rolls of wrapping paper, etc, and the way all those items are stored is ugly and inefficient and incredibly messy. Here enters Michaels' wrapping station. It rolls, it stores, it improves efficiency and organization, and it should be a must have for every household! Its going to be in my household. One day! Do you own one, and do you like it? Is there anything you'd change/don't like about it? In my mind, its exactly what I need in my humble little space!

This is how I would LOVE my closet to look (one day) in my humble little haven. Isn't it dreamy??! I definitely heart it!!


  1. Hi! Thank you so much for stopping by and saying HI on my blog!!!
    I have been trying to figure out how to store all of my embossing folders too and yesterday I finally found it! A little toy wagon!!! I need to take some photos and share them. But it works perfectly!
    Best of luck finding all of your perfect organization items! I LOVE to organize too!!!

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