Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Scrap Paper Storage Solution

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Does it hurt your eyes to look at that mess? It sure hurt mine. I despised that storage method, and it wasn't until I got into my nesting mode that I seriously began thinking of a new storage method. I didn't take a picture of it, but MOST of my scrap paper was stored in an accordion file. Which, in its defence, wasn't all bad. I would just never look in it for scraps that I could use! (On a side note, now that I've got everything switched over into my new storage, I've made two layouts completely from scraps, except for a patterned paper base on one, and the card stock bases on both of them). In the accordion folder, everything was separated by style (striped, polka dot, floral, card stock, etc.). I've stored it that way for years. Both of these proved to be disastrous paper storage methods. I always, frequently, occasionally, rarely looked in them for the paper I wanted to/could potentially use on my cards and layouts!

If I did happen to look for something, it was always just browsing through the first top few pieces of scrap paper, and that was it. That system didn't work for me. Needless to say.

Since I'm in this nesting mode, I wanted to find something that better organized and kept my scraps neat and orderly looking. Via Pinterest, I found rolling hanging folder carts. Pure genius, and I would love to own one. They are also kind of pricey.

While dropping by Walmart quickly last week, something that looked like a small file storage system caught my eye. On our way out of the store, I made a quick detour down the stationery aisle to have a closer look. Low and behold, I had found hanging file storage systems. In fact, it is a desk top hanging file storage system. And, it rocks!

So, this is my plan. First, some pictures.

WAIT! I forgot to mention--it cost only $10- with the file folders included! I liked this style of paper storing so much, that I went and bought another one for all my scrap card stock! In the picture below, you'll see them both together.

(So, I know it looks like one giant hanging file folder storage system, but it really isn't! Its just two fit together, front to back). 

First, I sorted through all my paper while I was transferring between storage methods. Anything that was smaller than about 2x2 got tossed. That meant pieces of paper that are 1x12, etc. Realistically, I would probably never use pieces of paper that small, so there was no reason to hang on to them! And trust me, there were some pretty ridiculously small pieces of paper in my stash! (Some of them were from papers that I loved so much that I didn't want to part with them...little good that did, hey?? Its been 'x' amount of years later, and I had forgotten that they were even there.  Then, everything got sorted by colour, rather than brand or style. I don't have enough file folders for all the colours of the rainbow- I want enough so I have file folders for white, grey, black and brown. Currently, they are mixed in with yellow (white), orange (brown), and blue/purple (grey and black)- that's true for both my patterned papers and card stock. When I do get enough file folders, I want to paint them or somehow modify them to reflect the colour thats stored inside them. So, I'm filing them by colour (red file for red patterned paper and card stock, orange for orange patterned paper and card stock, etc.)

On a totally different topic, I've been researching ways to make the girls' halloween costumes this year. They want to dress up as butterflies. I've been latched on to the idea of making everything- wings, antennae, etc. untilllll I was in walmart this morning picking up a few necessities. The halloween merchandise is beginning to find its way onto the shelves, and I found butterfly wings- in a plethora of colors- and they're $4 EACH!!! I'm thinking it would be so.much.easier. to just buy the wings and make the rest of the costume! LOL

Really, all I need to do is find tutu's of some sort for the girls- they've got leg warmers already, and to make their antennae, I'm either going to tie their hair into pig tails, or buy a cheap head band and attach pipe cleaner to it. Eeek! They're going to be ridiculously adorable for halloween this year!!!!

What are you dressing your kids as for halloween?

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  1. Love it! I have 2 pizza style boxes sitting on my desk that each have piles of scraps in them, but I don't dig through them very often. Those are usually the scraps I tell my daughter she can use. I'm gonna look for this next time I'm at Wal-Mart for my desk at work! lol