Sunday, August 12, 2012

Change Bites (When its Rushed)

Last night was crazy and pretty rough.

Kyle broke the truck he was driving (he had to drive somebody else's' truck yesterday because his own truck was in the shop) and he twisted off the auxiliary. To my girly and unappreciative mind (of all things vehicle) I don't really understand what that means, other than no.more.movement.PERIOD. He had to wait 6 hours for someone to come rescue him and get him back home. He called shortly before 5 last night. (Otherwise he would have been home by 6:30, I'm guessing). He was home after 11 pm instead. Oofta. 

The worst part was that the girls both had a rotten sleep. All.night. Now, suddenly, Maren isn't sleeping through the night anymore. Since camping last weekend, she's woken up once, twice, if not more, every night. Ahhh! One non sleeper baby is enough! Now I've got two again! So, after Addison finally fell to sleep (which was after Kyle got home- she cried for an entire two hours, saying 'can't sleep, mama', 'no sleepy time, mama'. Addison was up every couple of hours, as was Maren. Always opposite of each other.

And, I don't like the change that's looming on the doorstep.

The change? No naps. Period. For either of my girls. Starting: today. I have little to no sanity left now (it feels like) anyways, how am I going to survive days without nappies in them? Wish me luck. Lots of 'disappearing acts' I think. I guess I'll perfect the art of sneakiness, LOL.

Hence the reason there was no post last night. I could hardly concentrate with a howling toddler, though somehow I did manage to finish a layout that's been especially difficult to tackle. There's another layout that I've attempted three times (DT assignment); and while I love the design, its just as elusive. I just.can'!!! I'll try it again, because another idea popped into my head while I lay in bed trying to succumb to sleep, but I have to hurry. Its due on the 16th!

On a good note, here's one more layout to share with you:

(Just quickly, because I hear Maren beginning to fuss) this is based on a layout I spotted over at...Oh! Argh! Its always when you're in a rush that you can't find what you're looking for. I'll be back later on to share the reference. I can tell you I spotted the original at Two Peas...I hope that'll suffice for now!

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