Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Murphy...How I Loathe You!!

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I stubbed my toe


It coordinates SO WELL with my nail polish! 

And, the picture doesn't do it any justice, but I can see the slightest hint of blue underneath my skin radiating down the length of my middle toe. Just underneath all the purplish-redness you can see a bit of blue. Its also purple in-between my second and middle toes.

In a feeble attempt to pick up, carefully move, nudge  slide- using my foot- one of the girls' "stools" (aka potty) out of my way while I was trying to get some fruit cut up and frozen, I actually kicked it. By accident. You know the type of pain thats so incredible you literally see stars? Or, that's so incredible things momentarily go black? (But, by sheer determination, you don't pass out??)


At least I didn't pass out from the pain. I've done that before, too. Trust me, a person feels a bit sickly afterwards. (And, embarrassingly, it happened in a mens bathroom/change room. Thankfully no one walked in and found me lying on the floor just inside the door!) I was in high school, and working at a local hospital for the summer. It was the best example of the fight or flight reflex I've ever yet come upon. Oi. 

I don't think my toe is broken- I can bend it, and there isn't much pain, but every once in a while, if its touched just the right way, or it gets bumped for whatever reason--I know its there. When Kyle broke his finger--it looked MUCH WORSE than what my toe does. So...I think it'll be fine. (Although, my toe didn't lose against a heavy pipe either). 


I just had to share!

I have a new guilty pleasure. 

I've been inspired lately to pull out my Martha Stewart Glitter- which I bought in a 24 pack- and glam up some things on my layouts. Unfortunately, I can't show the final products to you right now, because both layouts I've recently made are DT projects, but I have to say I just love using them! Its also inspiring me to go out and find more! I think from now on, there will be at least one element, if not more, with glitter on it. I love how it adds to a project effortlessly. Why have I not thought of this before?!

Actually, its because I was a little afraid of it. I was never sure if I was using it correctly, and I was never sure if the glitter would stay put on whatever item I added it to. In the last few days, I've learned to be patient. LOL In order for it to stay on without flaking off, it needs to drrryyyyy. If you don't have a lot of patience, like me, then use your heat gun to speed up the process. I haven't' done that yet, either (because once again, I'm afraid of it--will it blow all the glitter around, or right off my project??) Probably not, if you hold it far enough away from the paper.

The other thing I learned in the last couple of days, is that I like using the refill pen (or wand or whatever you like to call it) better than the stamp pad that the glue should be squirted on to. I like it better, especially, for trying to glitter-ify objects like birds or dry embossed items like stamps (those are both subtle clues there for what you should keep your eyes peeled for in the next week and a bit...) I like being able to spread the glue around using the nub of the pen just to fill in certain areas. Obviously, using the glue pad works much better for items that you'd like stamped, such as title work (another subtle clue) or an entire stamp.

Where did this sudden guilty pleasure come from? Here! (Sorry, I can't find a graphic for the specific card that inspired me). If you have the Papercrafts card design handbook, turn to page 102, and look for the glittery 'thinking of you' card by Kalyn Kepner.


Inspiration definitely came a-knockin', and I'm sure it won't leave anytime soon. And, what inspired me was to use my glitter in ways that would be outside the box. 

If you don't have the handbook-- I would honestly and sincerely encourage you to go out and get it. Its full of great ideas, tips and techniques that will definitely help clear up any cobwebs you might have in the attic. I'll be hanging onto this for sure, and consulting it frequently! The material they cover in it can help make your layouts (and other projects) stand out, too! Promise!

Lastly, I have a picture to share with you regarding my ribbon storage. I've found two faults with it already:

1) The rolls of ribbon don't fit perfectly inside the box that I'm using (and, it could just be that I'm using an awkwardly shaped box); and
2) unless the box is FULL, they don't stay put! I'm not totally sure I'm happy with it, but I'll give it a go for a while, and see if my mind changes. I have thought about running a thin dowel through the container, and securing it on either side of the container. That might be an option to keep things from scooting all over the place!

Another option I came across is using a paper towel holder (an upright one), to store your ribbon on. I also think thats a great idea, but the only thing I can see being a bit of an issue is taping the ribbon back on itself so it doesn't come unwound. That, and I don't have the desk/table space to store them on! That's why the containers are so brilliant (for me). Since I've got the vertical storage cubes (mine are from Walmart- and they're clear) I'm trying to better utilize the storage I've already got!

What do I love about it? That the ribbon is utilized like a tape runner- all you need to do is pull, and it will unwind with ease. And, I love that its organized and contained in an easy to see, easy to use manner.

For those little bits of ribbon that aren't on a roll, or that are scraps--what do you do with those? This is what I did:

The jars don't look too pretty yet- I hadn't honestly thought about glorifying them, until I came across something (yet again) I had seen on Pinterest- and completely unrelated to the way I was using my jars! But, what I saw is ingenious, so they will be decorated sooner or later.

I separated all my bits of ribbon into three categories: red, orange and yellow and white; green, blue and purple; and lastly, brown, grey and black. Sometime down the road, I'd like to find small jars- maybe magnetic tins or really small apothecary jars to store all the colours independently of one another; for now, this works beautifully. And, it cleans up my drawer wonderfully!

(I already had the jars on hand, so thats what makes this project so awesome!!) I don't have any before pictures- just imagine this drawer being a hot mess of ribbon, ribbon everywhere! Now imagine the frustration a person could feel trying to find anything in there! I avoided it. Now, I might be more prone to using my ribbon.!

There's a few more storage tricks I want to utilize, but I haven't figured out yet what I would need them for:

Such as, salt shakers for storing loose glitter (I LOVE how it looks- I guess I'm quite a visual person. Aesthetics is mondo important!!) It must be pleasing to my eye LOL;

As well as a DIY cake stand, using plastic cups and paper plates (decorated up using your pretty scrapbook paper). I mustn't have saved that one to my Pinterest, because I can't find it! I'll go back and look again...nope, not happening. If I come across it again, I'll post it for sure!

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday, everyone!


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