Saturday, August 4, 2012

Shining Bank Lake

Fewf, I'm tired tonight! This post will be just a quick little update and 'hey how're you doing' then I'm going to bed. Oi. We'll be back at it again tomorrow before I even know it!!

Yep, it was another action packed, fun-filled day. The girls did awesome- no naps, and no major meltdowns! They got to go swimming in a lake for their very first time- which they loved (of course), and they rode in their very first motorboat. We thought Maren would for sure panic and dislike the sound of it, but it didn't bother her one bit. In fact, I think she loved it. When we returned to the dock, she asked if she could go again. Unfortunately, some of the family wanted to head out for some more fishing, so that ended our motor boating for the day.

Well...from then on, Maren was fairly fussy- but not in the usual way- if there is such a thing. Mostly, if anything caught her off guard, or if she had a little accident the tears would flood out of those sweet blues faster than a flash of lightning- and those sweet tears would just keep coming. Kind of like tears just hovering beneath the surface, waiting for any old excuse to come rolling out, and when they do, they just won't stop.

We hardly left the campground on our way home before she'd fallen to sleep. She.was.pooped.

Now, it could just be hearsay and gossip, but apparently, there was a tornado at the top of the hill tonight. We are only half an hour out of town (at the campground), so we knew there were thunderstorms around because we could see the clouds and hear the thunder. At one point, we thought we were going to be rained out, but they (two storms) went around us. There was one to the north, and another to the south of us lol. We're thinking it was probably just strong winds associated with the thunderstorms, but we're going to go check it out for ourselves tomorrow. Its made us curious. If I have anything to report back, you'll see it in pictures!

Ummm...any other highlights from the day? Nope, I think that was pretty much it. It was just a relaxed day, full of good visits, laughs and fabulous memories! Our niece and the girls' cousin is spending the night tonight- probably because staying in the motorhome with grandma and grandpa wasn't the most conducive to C sleeping through the night. I mean, she's only 5 months older than the girls. They've got it made tonight, boy. Sleeping in the basement where its nice and cool- they'll not want to go home!

Now I'm turning in, speaking of sleeping. I'll be back again sometime tomorrow- probably tomorrow night- with another little hello. Depending on how late we come home, there may or may not be pictures. Most likely, that'll wait until Monday! Kyle has plans to tinker on the drag truck, and I plan to scrap when I've got a spare moment on Monday, so at the very least, I'll be back in full force then!

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  1. Ali, you are so right - the next day comes in a flash, doesn't it?! I loved your little post and getting a chance to take a peek into your life! I can't believe that there was a tornado - how scary!!!! I am glad that you are all ok. And thank you SO MUCH for your encouraging words left at my blog! Have a great Sunday!