Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Layout and Christmas Candy

Hi everyone!

Ever get totally side tracked while you're trying to compose a post? It never happens to me. I want to share a layout with you; its a scrap lift of another layout I saw on, and I saved it to my Pinterest for future reference. Well, in the natural course of things, I went to the board that I wanted--well, not quite. Not before I browsed through the home page and pinned a few other things that really caught my eye. Obviously Christmas is on everyone's minds- because the Christmas theme isn't just showing up on cards! (Maybe it has something to do with how hot its been all over the place? Just taking a stab in the dark on that one...) Then I went to the particular board that I wanted.

The inspiration behind my layout came from Sasload4's layout 'Domestic Princess'. I absolutely loved the way she placed her pictures, and the strip of card stock bordering them with the stars inset in it. So pretty. I wanted to replicate it!

Here's what I came up with:

Rather than using three pictures, like Sandra did, I only used one- which is a 5x7. I put the border strip along the top- in an attempt to create a night-like sky. I also used black card stock to further enhance the theme. My girls like playing 'night-night'- they pretend to sleep; they'll lay on the floor, pretend to snore, then jump up shouting, 'wake up, wake up'! They get even more excited when mama and daddy play along with them. (I think its actually mama and daddy that inspired them to play this game in the first place!!)

The purple strip of card stock was stamped with an SU Easter set- the polka dots reminded me of stars in the sky that are far, far away and clear rhinestones help add the sparkle factor to my night sky. Pop a few stars up there, and a cloud or two, and voila! You're basically done!

So, now that I mentioned it, are you wondering what the items were that I found on Pinterest that snagged my attention?

I thought so.

 candles, adorable cutlery, and two fabulous cards- one of which I want to scrap lift into a layout.

Aren't the candles and the cutlery fabulous??! I have a grocery bag full of pine cones that mom collected for me, then gave me, and I've been somewhat cruising around looking for creative uses for them. This is definitely one that I want to try out! Also, I've found a way to use up this one particular set of cutlery that we don't like using! Yay!

Have a great night everyone. See y'all again tomorrow!


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