Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Hey peeps, I have a dilemma, and I would love your help (or advice- or both!!)

I attempted to write a post previous to this one, and found out (unfortunately), that I have no more space to add photos to this blog. Unless, that is, I buy more storage. I am not up for that. I found out because I have some exciting news to share, and a picture is necessary to the news I want to share. I will tell you what the news is, because I just can't keep it to myself anymore, but there won't be a picture to accompany it. I don't want to wade through the mounds of posts I've made in the last year trying to locate the photographic item I want to share.

On the other hand, you'll just have to go out and purchase what I am about to share with you. Ha!

I bet I've got you wondering now, LOL.

I got published!

One of my layouts will appear in the next issue (which is out on new stands on the first) of Canadian Scrapbooker magazine. GO out and buy it and look for me! I'd love that!

And, since I have no more photo storage, I am unable to show you my most recent layout, which is sketch #159 over at LCTS. However, you can find it at my online gallery.

Maren (and now Addison) are in this phase where everything is 'theirs'. Maren's 'my' phase has expanded to include the word 'friend' now, so everything and everyone is 'her friend_______...' Its pretty darn cute! I love it especially when she asks about 'her friend daddy'. It warms my heart knowing she thinks that way of her daddy. I just hope she feels the same about her mama!

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  1. Wonderful news about the pub in CS, Alison!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!! I saw the magazine but don't have my copy yet, but will be sure to check out your layout. As for the storage space, yes, that happened to me and I purchased more storage...not much money for tons more space. But last week I read a comment on FB that someone recommended getting Google Plus (?) which means unlimited storage. You might want to check into that. Otherwise, photos take up lots of storage space so you can resize them to be much smaller to expand your storage availability. Cheers, Kelly