Thursday, July 28, 2011

Simple Pleasures

Each day my children find something new to delight in and it makes me marvel at their careless abandon for simple joys. It's inspired me, as has a friends blog (you can find her over at, although my reason for remembering these moments might be different than hers.

~1~ riding in the grocery cart, which always makes her erupt into squeals and giggles
~2~ the way she holds my face in her soft, warm hands and looks unabashedly in my eyes
~3~ oh how my heart melts when she does it!
~4~ pleasant surprises and the blessings that accompany them
~5~ a pending visit from a missed, dear friend later this summer
~6~ the way they both go nuts over their bath times
~7~ how she says "cookie", "no" and "peeka" in that sweet, angelic voice of hers
~8~ listening to her talk in her crib at bed time. The happiness and contentment she exudes in those moments make me so proud!
~9~ finally having some common ground with a relative and *finally* getting over my inferiority complex around her
~10~ warm, sunny days

Tomorrow we are leaving for the weekend; I am looking forward to the annual family camping trip. It was something I dearly missed when we moved to Saskatchewan! I'll post how things went when we return.

Happy long weekend everyone!

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