Monday, August 1, 2011

There You'll Be

It's been three long years since we gathered with them last; it was at Gwynne, and husband and I were still dating. It would be that Christmas morning that he placed that beautiful, glittery, white gold promise on my finger.

Three summers later, we are back, gathered in a large circle- during the day, wherever there is shade; at night, around the campfire, swapping news, jokes and spreading many hearty laughs.

This time around, there were two little ones in tow, two new boyfriends, new fishing licenses, and a new campsite (to most of us). There was no tv (my most favorite part of the weekend), although there was lots of playing on cell phones (I am guilty of pulling it out every so often as well); they were a handful! The first day, we let them run around- I am so PROUD of and impressed with little maren for the amount she WALKED. There was no crawling of any kind all weekend. JUST walking! Then, we got smart and kept her barefoot. It hurt to walk on the gravel, so she stayed on the blanket we spread out for them to play on. She played really good there.

Miss Addison also BLEW me away--she was not afraid of anyone there. She would willing go to anyone that held their arms out to her. And, she would sit with them, laugh at them, and squeal every so often in delight. When she wasn't being cuddled by someone, she played happily on the blanket too.

At the close of this weekend, there are # things that I've learned:
1-we WILL take the kids camping again
2-less tv equals better quality time together
3-four days is exhausting! (with children this age, at least)
4-hail is ridiculously LOUD in a fifth wheel trailer!
And lastly--
5-no more heating bottles on the stove; the microwave is the way to go!!

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