Saturday, August 6, 2011


Me and storms do not mix. They terrify me- especially during the overnight hours. When kids came along, I suddenly had to learn to swallow that fear and not let it get the best of me when they are around me. And, truthfully, sometimes I fail in that area- Addison sensed my anxiety when a hail storm blew through the campground last weekend. Thankfully, my mother in law ran over to our trailer just in the nick of time to make sure I was alright. She cuddled Addison while I tended to miss maren in the bath tub.

Last night, a storm rumbled through our area. Luckily, it wAs late in the evening, and the kids were fast asleep. After every super sonic loud bang, and after I relaxed after it shook my bones, I'd freeze again, worried the loud noise had woken up either or both my children.

I am so glad they did not inherit my fear of storms, and I am so glad that I think I'm succeeding in showing them storms are nothing to get worried over. Sometimes really loud ones surprise the girls- I can see it in their faces, but then they forget about it and carry on like nothing happened. Phew!!

I am also glad husband wAs there to cuddle me through it all.

~36~ both girls waving "hi hi" while we were in the grocery store- Addison to a man behind us in line at Wally world and maren to anyone that would pay attention to her as we left IGA.

~37~ glorious two hour naps after long nights lying awake waiting for thunderstorms to play themselves out (either the girls are coming down with something or they're currently in a growth spurt because over the last couple days, naptime has stretched to two hours or beyond. It's AMAZING!! I love it!)

~38~ snuggling up close to husband and clinging to him when I got scared

~39~ warm showers that feel particularly good for no particular reason

~40~ making a crad for someone special

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