Tuesday, August 2, 2011


~11~ how utterly distraught she was when I left her at a friends so I could bring her sister and myself to the clinic. It broke my heart hearing her sobs- even when she was back in my arms and STILL not settling, and it was touching at the same time.
~12~ sweet little Nibbles, the puppy that goes bonkers when we come around
~13~ sunshine and warmth
~14~ slushies on hot summer days
~15~ camping trips and road trips
~16~ the sweet smiles they give when I turn around in the front seat to check on my previous cargo
~17~ gathering with relatives and loved ones and sharing a fantastic long weekend with them
~18~ a cleansing and refreshing shower after a hot, sticky and dusty long weekend!
~19~ freshly washed and dried bed sheets
~20~ snuggles with kitty

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