Thursday, August 4, 2011

In and Out

Another beautiful day has graced us- this time without the threat of possible rain in the afternoon, so the kids and I are outside basking in the warmth and fresh air. I pulled out their blanket and some toys from inside the trailer, then tied back one of the doors to the tent so they can move about freely. I love that they love playing outside!

We had a quick visit with grandpa K as he was passing through on his way home fro
Peace river, and then since we were already out, I decided to run over to Wally world for a few things. I've been toying with buying a small silk flower arrangement, after seeing another lady in the campground with one gracing her picnic table (along with a pretty tablecloth). But, summer stuff is out and fall stuff is in. It's too early! Maybe next summer, when I have my patio set out, and an actual house to live in!

~26~ good tunes via galaxy on tv
~27~ another opportunity to go camping (or at least a day trip) September long
~28~ a good sleep last night
~29~ watching our favorite summer show together
~30~ random phone calls from mamoo
~31~ the smell of freshly mown grass
~32~ raising their hands over their heads when Mama asks who her big girls are
~33~ the way they clap their hands when they hear the words, "yay", "good job", and "good girl!"
~34~ the way they unintentionally (unavoidably) get dirty when playing outside
~35~ nap time!

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