Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Feels like fall

Our last week living in the trailer is finally here. We officially get the keys to the apartment at noon on Friday. It won't come fast enough!

After witnessing the glee the girls displayed over the amount if space they would have (both when we had a look at the apartment AND at grandma's in Oyen, all I feel is relief and anticipation. The girls are going to love it; and, when this novelty wears off, they're going to love a house!

Now that summer us winding down, so are we. Weddings are all done, camping is all done, visits from family is done (for the time being). Hunting in november is the last item on our agenda- oh and swimming lessons. I enrolled the kids in October. I am SUPER excited about that! My mother in law will hoPefully come out and help me with the twinlets; mommy is planning to get involved in lots of things, too- including (maybe) a trade show!

It's going to feel so good to get SETTLED and back into a mire structured routine!

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