Thursday, August 18, 2011

Adult time!!

I was worried it was going to be a fiasco. Before we left, one was fussing over something- I'm not really sure what (probably anything I gave her a reason to get upset over) and the other wouldn't stop screaming from the other corner of the living room (in her playpen, which is where she goes fir time outs BECAUSE of her tendency to scream.) only tonight she wouldn't stop; stopping is always rewarded by being taken out of her playpen so she can go play again.

I wanted to cover my ears and scream; I wanted to throw a fit like the other little miss was doing, but instead, I STRESSED to husband that they were getting a dose of advil because I had a suspicion things would continue going so well if they didn't get it.

Bless their little beautiful hearts, tonights visit was the best- dreamiest- unspoiled adult time I've had since the kidlets came around. They played, they had fun, and they always came around to make sure we were still there, but it was am hour and a half of unadulterated adt time.

The space makes them so happy! It makes mama happy too.

It also kills me.

Living in a 32- foot by 15- foot (or however wide it is) space isn't for children. I am do sorry babies! We are doing our best to find a rental, I promise!!

~48~ watching my children soak up the space a house affords them

~49~ having my first real adult visit in a long time!!

~50~ free lunch! And a free supper all in the same

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