Monday, September 24, 2012

LCTS Sketch #150

Wow, survived another incredibly busy weekend! I can't believe that in another two weeks, we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving already. Insane! 

While we were gone to the city for the weekend, the next sketch (sketch #150) at Lets Capture These Sketches was posted. I missed the reveal, and am just now posting (here) my take on the sketch. Actually, I looked up LCTS just to make sure the reveal post had actually been posted, and when I saw that it was, I learned (more like clued in) that this is their 150th sketch. Way to go!! 

To see the sketch, and what everyone else did with it, make sure you head over to Lets Capture These Sketches. If the sketch inspires you, let me know, I'd love to see how it inspired you!

Know how some people tie ribbon or string into their fans so that when they blow, the ribbon flies out? That's what my layout reminds me of with the banners sticking out of the side of the picture- its as though the fan is blowing the banners with its own wind. 

I think that for the majority of us, this summer was a hot one. And a fairly dry one, too. In the midst of the heat wave we lived through, I thought I'd take one more picture to highlight the hot temperatures we'd been experiencing- and what we were doing to try and stay sane through it all! We couldn't live without our fan(s)- there was one in our room, another in the dining room window, and yet another positioned at the bottom of the stairs in the basement, pointing upwards- to bring more of that beautifully cool air upstairs. I told Kyle that I would never again whine or complain about how cold it gets down there- its a blessing when the weather is too hot to cope with!

Its hard to see in the picture, but part of the title work says 'can't live without the FAN'. And, truly...we couldn't live without it this summer!

All the paper on this layout is scraps- minus the blue base card stock. The journalling spot is the other half of one that was used for another layout; all the paper from the banners are left overs from another project, and the hexagons (which are so much fun to play with, by the way!!) were made with clip art off the internet (which were first used on yet another project). 

I hope you enjoy! 

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