Monday, September 17, 2012


Have I mentioned how crazy obsessed with school that my kids are? If I haven't--they are. It all began back in July when we took them to the Whitecourt Airshow. The airport was flooded out, so no parking was allowed. We had to drive up to the rodeo grounds (which is another 5 minutes up the highway), park, and then ride a shuttle bus (which happened to be a good, old fashioned yellow school bus), and my kids were smitten. Next, We took the kids to the jet boat races, and we rode another shuttle bus from a frac site down to the river (which is literally only a 2 minute ride). There is not enough room down at the river for spectators to park. There's only enough room for the competitors, with their boats.

I've began thinking, in the recent past, that getting the kids involved in toddler groups up at the leisure centre would be a good idea. #1- it gets them out of the house; #2, it burns off some of their endless energy; #3- they get to hang out with other kids their age; and lastly, I get to get out and meet some other mama's. Today was our first day. While I was getting ready for the day, I began wondering how I was going to tell the girls what my plans were- and make sure it was in terms or in words that they understood. So, going to our play group has become 'going to school'.

When I first told Maren, she told me she didn't want to go because she was scared. I assured her mommy would be there, her sister, lots of other kids her age, and that it would be a lot of fun. What I didn't bargain for: daddy being there with us!! He called me at 1, and sounded incredibly ODD. I knew right away that he had something up his sleeve; when I heard the train blow its horn through his phone (and clear as day by my own ears), I knew that he was in town, and on his way home. Yup. He got delayed by the train.

I am SO thankful he was there with me on our first day. I wouldn't have gotten the kids out of there on my own! Miss Addison can be so stubborn- I don't know how to properly handle her. Oi!

So, in honour of our first day of 'school', I've got a picture or two to share with you (which will eventually be scrapped, naturally):

We are also adjusting to life with another kitty in the house. And, this kitty is neurotic, to say the least. She keeps us pretty entertained, and on our toes. She's still adjusting to two little people that aren't always the gentlest, so we've had a few scratchy mishaps, but otherwise, we're adjusting pretty well!

Since the girls are still recuperating from the nasty colds they caught, we plugged in the humidifier in the hallway, so that all four of us would benefit from it (its in-between our bedrooms). Neruda was enthralled with it- especially when it gurgled.

I still giggle every time I see these pictures. Silly kitty!

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  1. Awwwww! Silly kitty!!!!! I love your post, Ali! Thanks for the smiles and giggles this morning!