Thursday, February 21, 2013

First Time

My track record has been pretty poor lately. Sorry for that!

There are a couple new layouts that should be added to my Pinterest in the near future; for now, I'll share my most recent layout (which I haven't uploaded yet, so look for it late tonight or tomorrow).

Back when Addison was still a little baby and we were trying to cope with her Colic, we brought her to the lab in Arcola to see if her blood work would turn up anything (because at that point, we had no idea what was bothering her so). Of course no little ones like having sharp objects stuck into their arms (or tied around their arms, for that matter), but she was a trooper. The girls at the hospital (naturally) thought Addison was adorable. I don't think its often they have little ones grace their lab, so it was a highlight in their day to see someone so sweet and wiggly.

To reward Addison for her bravery, the lab tech gave her a purple stuffed teddy, and its been a favourite stuffy ever since then. I just had to scrap it!

I absolutely love how this layout came together. I love the papers together, and the colors are gorgeous. I began with the half circle banner (which is from Carta Bella's Merry & Bright collection), and based the colors I chose on the colors in the banner. I also began with a sketch that I found on Pinterest.

What I love most about this layout? The clustered elements. It draws your eye in and keeps your focus on the picture and keeps it there. Next, it would have to be the colors and how the patterns weld so beautifully together.

I hope you enjoy this layout as much as I do!

Take care, and until next time...


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