Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I'm just going to take a quick detour this morning, and share with you my latest design team assignment for Miracle's Momma's Designs.

Sketch #33 was seriously fabulous. I absolutely loved it! My most favorite aspect of it was the layered scallops. I think it marked the beginning of my love affair (just recently) with a lot of punch work and layering. Looks great, right?!

I had to pare down all the elements in my layout because I felt it would wind up too cluttered and busy otherwise, so stuck with a fairly simple, linear design. True to my nature, of course.

Lastly, I added just a bit of room for journalling, because there was a bit of a story behind the photos in my layout. Kyle was sick for a couple of days over the summer, and upon emerging from his sick room to visit with us for a bit, Addison wrapped him with a blanket and gave him a gold medal to try and make him feel better. He has such a big, tender heart, he teared up immediately afterwards (you can kind of see it in the first picture on the left). Both my girls have huge hearts, too. They must have inherited that from both of their parents. Its what makes them so incredibly sweet!

And back to our regular programming.

The last two layouts that I created around our nieces wedding are finally up. You can find them here or here.

In my Eye Spy layout, both girls caught sight of a play park just outside the doors of the community hall where the wedding reception was held. I think both of us would have taken the girls out for a little while, except that it was raining cats and dogs that night! I caught Addison standing in the doorway, wistfully looking out at the playground. My heart breaks for her every time I see these pictures. Its just so sweet.

I absolutely love the sketch that inspired this layout. It's now located in my Fave Sketches board over at Pinterest. I love the linear, clean lines (yet again), and I love the playfulness the banner adds to the design. As for my take on the sketch, I LOVE the papers I chose (which are K&Co) and the color scheme. White, blue, yellow and green just seems to be such warm and calming colors to me. I mostly wanted to pick up the colors in Addisons' dress, which is why I chose blue and white papers. To compliment them, I added bits of green and yellow, and just a touch of pink. (I had to work the pink into it, because even though its faint, there's pink in the title alphas).

Finally, the last layout, Winners, is just to document who won the silly hat contest, and what the prize was that each recipient won for their silly hats. Kyle was one of the winners, and we now have our bottle of wine (the prize) displayed in the entertainment unit in our upstairs living room. Its too pretty to hide away and never look at!

This layout is incredibly simple. Maybe I was a little less inspired than I was in other layouts; maybe I just wanted to keep it this simple. To bling it up a tiny bit, I added clusters of rhinestones in various places throughout the page. To help the focal photo stand out a tiny bit more, I matted it with a 4x6 sheet of journalling paper that I've had in my stash for ages.

And, that sums it up! I do have two more layouts to share; I'm not sure if I'll be around again today to share them; it may have to wait until tomorrow. One of the girls has already scribbled all over one of my new layouts- I'm debating whether I should print out new pictures to cover the scribbled on ones, or just leave it. One day I'll look back on it and treasure the age they were at, but right now, I'm incredibly distraught over it. And, now the girls are fighting...

Signing off for now...


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