Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The girls are growing up so fast! I'm not sure where Addison was at when I posted last, but in the time since, she's learned to crawl, stand up and just in the last week, crawl up stairs!! She is such a bright, happy girl. She often talks- sometimes rather loudly and quite animatedly. I love it!!

Karen has learned the "boo-hoo" sign-- brushing your finger across your lips in response to pity someone feels for themselves; she's even nailed it in the appropriate situation, too! I am currently trying to teach her the "Indian call"- patting your fingers over your mouth while saying "ah".

And, in the very recent past, the girls have graduated from grocery shopping in their stroller to grocery shopping in an actual shopping cart! And, I must say, they absolutely love riding in it! Both giggle like crazy. It's pretty darn cute. I'll have to find a picture of them in one...

I've also got a few pictures of the girls taking in their first carnival, but they are on the camera and not on my cell phone. It'll take a bit longer putting them up here, as we don't have Internet in the trailer!! That will have to happen when we move into an actual house and get the net hooked up!

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