Friday, March 18, 2011

Double Whammy

You poor, poor soul.

You were fine from 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon until roughly 3 o'clock this afternoon when the diarrhea hit you hard. By 9 o'clock tonight, you began throwing up again- everything you ate at supper (which was only 3 tablespoons of cereal- when you normally eat about 6), and when you woke up at 9, when I tried giving you some pediatric electrolytes drink. You threw some of it up, and then continued throwing up from then on.

The diarrhea is still bothering you, too. I could feel your guts rolling while I held you in my arms. I changed your crib sheets when you woke up at 1 this morning- you'd had a massive accident; I tried giving you more pedia lyte, but when I stood and turned to bring you back to bed, you threw up again.

Its 2 in the morning, you've finally settled, your sister is throwing a tantrum (and I'm trying to ignore her erratic screaming), and I've thrown a load of laundry into the wash. There's enough clothes, jammies and sheets to make up a load. When we wake up next, its going in the dryer, so I can keep on top of keeping you clean in between getting sick. I am waiting up to make sure you and your sister are asleep.

All I can do is keep trying to feed you. That's the best I can do. I just wish cuddling you was sufficient enough to make you feel better (as lately it doesn't seem to be doing the trick anymore).

Get better soon, little trooper!

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