Friday, March 11, 2011

The Next Step

Time is inevitably going to speed up in the next few weeks as our plans bring us closer to 'the next stage in our lives'- moving our family back home.

We sat down to look at houses on mls again, and I have to admit there are some beautiful homes out there- and in our price range, too! Its quite surprising, actually. I am really hoping for a home with an open floor plan, so I can keep busy in the kitchen while still keeping an eye on the twinlets if they're playing in the living room. Some of the other wants/needs for me in our new home include a pantry, hall linen closet, and a window facing the yard so as the babies grow and get bigger (and able to play in the yard by themselves), I can keep an eye on them while I'm in the house completing my chores. That's not a comprehensive list, but a list nonetheless.

In the meantime, packing will begin. I want to declutter and thin out what we've accumulated since living in the trailer, moving into a home of our own, and having children. There are a lot of things that husband and I haven't worn, looked at or used since knowing eachother, and its those things that I want to either donate, sell or just plain get rid of. Its going to be a huge job, and he isn't going to be around to help me with it, so when his parents come out here to help us with our move, I will enlist their help instead of his.

I am so excited to finally be going back home- my dream come true.

I can hardly wait!

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