Saturday, March 19, 2011


We've weathered your first flu bug together, and I think its made you realize that mama doesn't just have time for your sister.

When daddy came home from work this afternoon, and he held out his hands to you for a little snuggly hello, you ignored him and began fidgeting with the locket around my neck. Daddy was a bit surprised. I have to admit, so was I. Daddy is your hero!

Maybe, after the last three days, mama's become a hero in your books, too. That makes me proud.

And relieved. A part of me was (is) afraid that on some level, you're going to think or believe that I like you less than your sister. Its insecurity, I'm sure it is, and its a hope. I hope you don't grow up believing that, because it isn't true. Just read through my blog and you'll find it isn't true.

I think you are finally beginning to feel better. There is color in your cheeks again, your busy, easily distractable personality is coming back to life (though there is no twinkle in your eye yet), and your sweet smile- scrunched up nose and squinty slits for eyes- is on its way back. I fed you formula tonight and you held it down! 6 ounces of it! That's remarkable, considering earlier this afternoon you weren't even able to hold 2 ounces of pedialyte.

In the morning- cereal!

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