Monday, June 11, 2012

Busy as Bees

Happy Monday! How was everyone's weekend?

As I mentioned on Friday, it was an action packed weekend for us again. May I indulge??

Here's my favourite snap shots from the weekend:

I'd love to share pictures of the birthday kiddo's, but I don't have permission from their mama, so this will have to suffice! There were a lot of fun things there for the kids to play with- a giant bouncer, a tiny little fishing pond, complete with fishing rod and duckies to 'catch'. It wasn't long before they just walked right into it and began splashing and playing and just generally carrying on! There was also a face painter- and sweet Maren got her first 'face' painting. The air brushing (I had never met a face painter that used air brushes instead of the paint brushes to do her face painting!) freaked the poor girl out, so she got it done on her leg. A pretty butterfly for my sweet first born! The feel of the air scared her, too, so its lighter than it could be, but she still had it done! She was proud as a peacock after it was done, that's for sure! The girls also got their first taste of cotton candy, too.

(Yes, a pretty lavish first birthday party, but still loads of fun!!)

The kids, lately, are fascinated by Super Bunny. Anyone have little ones that really enjoy Max and Ruby? My girls just adore the show. They often ask for it, so we've begun recording episodes, so they can watch it anytime! For those that do, you'll know that Max's hero is Super Bunny. Apparently, he's become the girls' hero, too.

Just the other day, they were chasing each other around the living room, through the kitchen, and down the hallway to their bedroom- and back again- shrieking and hollering, "super bunny!" (Addison, screams it with her arms held out behind her as she runs. Too cute to watch!) I finally said to them that all super hero's need capes, so I raided my linen closet, and found an apron for Addison to tie around her neck, and a hand towel for Maren to pin around her neck. Another brownie point for mama in their books, I think! They had so much fun running around with their capes on!

I can hardly wait to scrapbook these two photos. I'm excited about scrapbooking all of them- don't get me wrong- but these two are most precious to me. I love catching Addison 'red handed', so to speak, while she's enjoying a quiet moment by herself. And, I've got the perfect sentiment sticker for the picture of Addison (that says quiet moments). Its so totally going on that layout!

There is a story behind the next picture, and it melts my heart in every way possible. My daughter is becoming a very affectionate young lady. (Addison). While I was pushing Maren in her swing this afternoon, Addison had climbed up the ladder into their playhouse, and asked for my hand. She wanted help down the ladder. I wouldn't help her, because she can do it on her own. I've seen her do it numerous times. So, to get my attention, she turned outwards, so she was facing away from the ladder as she was trying to come down.

After suffering a minor heart attack, I told her to never do that again, as I was pulling her into my arms. I kissed her, snuggled her, and held her like I used to when she was a tiny baby. She looked at me and said, 'my hero, mama'. I wasn't sure I heard her right, and just as I was taking a deep breath in to ask her what she'd said, she repeated it: 'you're my hero, mama'. Then, 'I love you.'

Can words any more precious be spoken to a mama by her own child? 


261* that no hail broke through the windshield in the freak storm that hit on Saturday
262* that said hail was only pea-sized
263* beautiful words that were spoken by a precious child
264* that grass is finally growing in the 'pit'

Lastly, I just want to leave you with a layout:

The inspiration behind this layout is the June 2012 sketch at Canadian Scrapbooker. Now that it's done, I'll be submitting it for (hopefully) a chance to be published! (A pipe dream of mine- that hopefully becomes a reality, one day!)

Now, back to my usual after-supper clean-up routine.

Enjoy your evening!

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  1. Wow.. made me tear up a bit! I'm such a sap!! LOL I love all the photos.. can't wait to see how the layouts get put together!