Thursday, June 7, 2012


I finally found the picture of Addison I was looking for:


I just love it! (...and there's kiki once again...)

231* bath times
232* imagination
233* perfect timing
234* that not every day is as stupidly long as this
235* pay day
236* their pre-occupation with water
237* cuddle times
238* Finding Nemo
239* the perfect way to wake up in the morning
240* Ibuprofen
241* rice krispy squares
242* banana bread
243* that hand held mixer
244* my stainless steel mixing bowls
245* ground turkey
246* 'hi mommy's'
247* little 'help me, please's' when she needs help (in bed)
248* that they love sleeping with their books
249* books
250* reading
251* and the ability to read
252* those that taught me how to read
253* and to love it
254* that they climb out of the tub when they're ready to get dressed
255* they now seem ok with lying on their backs to have their hair washed (they used to absolutely abhor it)
256* routine
257* color
258* play dough
259* crayons
260* coloring

I keep asking myself if, in my journey to make this list, I am forgetting the obvious. Ah. But, shouldn't everything be obvious?

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