Monday, June 4, 2012

Play Catch Up

213* little 'I wuv you's'
214* the new 'hidden' screen door in the patio
215* they love their play set!
216* "higher, higher's"
217* how Addison jumps out of the swing as soon as you put her in it, saying 'enough'
218* visits from my parents
219* that (apparently) everyone down at the bar liked my cookies
220* that I can re-fill the container I gave him with cookies or anything anytime (as per dear husband)
221* that he gets along so well with dear husband
222* that he works well with dear husband
223* phone calls from sister
224* little 'i think so's'
225* little 'me too's'
226* discovering that even though the spray park isn't open yet, the man made rapids at Rotary park is the next best HOT SPOT on hot days
227* sand (and how Maren loves playing in it)
228* I decided to start doing laundry on a daily basis. Its so much easier staying on top of it now!!
229* that another two sprouts from my original spider plant has been transplanted and now resides in the living room
230* that I can keep some plants alive! lol

If life ever slows down I can catch a few minutes sometime soon, I'll post some pictures from this past weekend. Maybe another lo or two, as well!

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