Friday, June 15, 2012

A New Day

Lately, somehow, I've gotten a bit behind uploading my projects to the blogger world and to my online galleries, so I thought I'd take the chance to do a bit of catching up!

(ahem...there was going to be another layout posted, but when I got it uploaded to my photo gallery, I noticed that some parts were incredibly hard to see, so a little more 'embellishing' will need to take place before I can share it!! Eek!!)

A layout to pay tribute to our sweet, dearly missed Sarah. When we moved back to Alberta, we knew that the best place for her to be would be at Kyle's mom and step-dads; she was old and didn't have the patience for two little ones crawling around and getting in her way. We figured she'd enjoy spending her 'retirement' with grandma and grandpa. And, we were right! She'd spend all her free time hanging out with grandpa, going wherever he went.

It wasn't long before her health started slowing her down. Walking around, running and just generally getting up from lying down was a chore, and it wasn't long before the vet suspected that cysts that she had growing over parts of her body were actually cancerous.  The decision was made to put her down, and put her out of her misery.

Kyle got the phone call that his loyal sidekick had died a week or so before Christmas.

We miss her but we're happy she's healthy again and in a better place!

This would be sketch #19 that Heather posted over at Miracle's Momma's Designs. This design was a lot of fun to play with and re-create. And, I just happened to have the most perfect pictures to use with this sketch!


Ta-da!! Maren (aka both girls) got into the peanut butter jar and had an absolute riot with it while I was out of the kitchen for a few minutes. Ohhhhh....there was peanut butter in her hair, all over her body, on the table, obviously on the floor...on the cupboards--everywhere imaginable!! What an awful mess to clean up! My word--if they were to get into anything, why couldn't it be something that could be vacuumed up??!

Ah, I'm not too terribly upset by it- in fact, I think its pretty funny now. They are darn quick though!!

Here's a couple close ups:

I thought the sentiment sticker (K& Co) worked perfectly here- when we talk about this a few years down the road, I can very easily imagine us saying, 'remember when...'

For a little bling, I thought using some tulle would be a nice touch- I tied it into a bow, though I've heard from some people that it looks like a flower, too. So, here is my pretty, tulle-y flower/bow!!

The patterned papers I used here were a lot of fun. I was trying to aim for a peanut butter/chocolate (though thankfully there was no chocolate involved- this time at least...I can think of one other time dear Maren got into chocolate when she shouldn't have!!) kind of theme. All the brown patterned papers here are from a K&Co designer pack, which I bought from Walmart. The green pieces of patterned paper are scraps and come from the my favourite things paper pack by Recollections (Michaels'). And, in case you're wondering, the brads are actually Stampin' Up.

Feel free to drop by Heather's blog and check out what the other girls on the design team came up with! And, you can save your copy of this sketch there too, if you'd like (both digi and traditional).

271* company this weekend
272* celebrating dads and the other special men in our lives
273* that my girls have a daddy
274* free dinner! (thanks mom)
275* blenders
276* breakfast smoothies
277* that the kids were all over it like mud on pigs
278* Sarah
279* that she's no longer in pain or sick
280* a new day

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