Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Good Times

Hi, good morning!! So, I have to say, posting all these pictures worked out quite well! I was able to separate everything into the two days- yesterday holds just Saturday's pictures, and todays post holds only Sundays pictures. ANd, I can't take credit for taking all (or many) of today's pictures. My sister holds the honours for that!

What Addison calls swinging! (If it works for her, then by all means!!)

Mama and Addison (she's playing with my 'neck-necks' in this pic) :)

here we are looking at the 'stars' in the sky


'Ohhhh' (in Maren's words). Giving mama a hug

The expression on Addisons' face is priceless! I love it!!

I love Maren's little folded up hands. So cute!!

The expression on Maren's face makes me crack up every time I see it! Ha! I don't know what she was doing here, or what auntie told her, but OH.MY.WORD!!! hee...

Oma being goofy

Maren peeking through the window of their play house

Oi. I've barely gotten this typed out and my poor hands are already falling asleep. I've been wearing my wrist braces the last couple of nights to see if it will help reduce the tendency to fall asleep, and although its been helping overnight, I've been noticing that my hands are falling asleep when I do certain things when they're NOT on. I really hope I don't need to wear them constantly, like I did when I was pregnant. (Carpal tunnel). I'm not complaining. I'm just a bit surprised that sometimes it doesn't take much for them to start going numb!!

So--off to do something else, then! Its a dreary and rainy day this morning. Maybe I'll just crawl back into bed until the kids wake up!

Til next time- take care, and have fun!!

281* good times with family
282* that more of the garage got cleaned up and sorted through
283* that his physio treatment worked after only one appointment (at least, he's noticed a dramatic difference already)
284* happy sounds (like the sounds rain makes when its falling)
285* not having to cook dinner on Sunday (other than throwing together a salad and a cake for dessert)
286* that my hands going numb isn't constant
287* the relief my wrist braces have provided
288* that my hands do fall asleep (it just reminds me I have hands that still work and function)
289* that my BIL is such a willing and tremendous 'helper'
290* the discovery of breakfast smoothies!! (mm) (since we found the blender in the garage)

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