Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Something Smells Fishy

I posted this little guy late last night, as a teaser for what this post is going to be all about. I have a picture of Addison (that you can find here) that I  wanted  had to scrap. When I began planning this page out, it was just natural to begin with a fish. The entire layout I will eventually share with you is based around this little fishy!

I googled images of fish, and I came across children's (Its actually a really neat site with a ton of things all geared towards children. I found the image of this fish under the tab, 'Coloring Animals'. Really neat site. You should check it out! I then used the fish as a template to create my own (after briefly contemplating whether I should just colour him in). The printed side of this little guy is on the under side of the one that's in this picture. He was facing the wrong way (for the way I wanted to use him, so it naturally made sense to just flip him over!) I printed the fish at 80% resolution to get him to the size I wanted him. 

The next step was to create an environment that a fish would normally be found in. That would incorporate water. But, how was I going to create it? I don't have a wave border punch, so I had to get creative. This is what I did:

I made my own waves! The inspiration behind this can be found on this layout

Thank goodness for google!

After I got my entire lo put together, I began thinking that the waves looked kind of funny starting in the middle of the page with nothing to anchor it. So, as I was lying in bed mulling it over, I asked myself what else would be found in an aquatic environment.

Seaweed. Naturally!!

I found some seaweed clip art, that I blew up to 150% resolution, fussy cut it, and adhered it to the lo. So, now it looks like this:

Are you ready to see the whole project now???

This layout I am so proud of!!

To create the bubbles, I used my 0.5" creative memories circle punch, then took clear rhinestones and arranged them in an irregular pattern around and in-between the punched circles.

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  1. This is fantastic! What a cute photo and you've showcased it perfectly. I love the seaweed and the waves!