Thursday, June 14, 2012


After some contemplating and deep thinking, the name for this humble little blog is going to change. Possibly even the blogger address. I've just been thinking of changing it to better suit the content of it, which is a little of everything, but mostly centres around (these days) scrapbooking.

So, when you see the changes, or notice that something is different, don't lose track of me! I'm still here--just using a new alias!

Back at the beginning of May was National Scrapbook Day. Did you know there is such a thing- and if you did, did you participate in the many events that were going on?

I played along at there were challenges right through the month, and except for the first one, I entered the other four challenges. My sweet friend Rebecca also had a challenge of her own: to create your project using your favourite colour combo. (You can find my entry for her challenge here).

I won!! And, it took some time to receive the prize package in the mail, but good things come to those that wait, right?? Here it is:

What a great looking prize package, right? The beautiful tag that you see was made by Rebecca, too. Its gorgeous! The misting and spraying, combined with the material is just beautiful. I've wanted to invest in sprays and mists for a while, and that just deepens that desire ten-fold! One day...

I had to share this- or at least thought I should before I share the next project that I completed, because some of the beautiful Prima flowers that were included in the prize pack have now found a home on this layout! This is for the monthly sketch challenge that I am a part of over at This entry will be for week 2.

Change is good! Inevitable, as in the case of this at-one-time flower bed in my backyard. It was so overgrown with grass and weeds, and was such an eye sore (in my eyes), that pulling it out was the only option. There were enough rocks lining it, that one entire side of the house is now lined with them (from the foot of the deck to the edge of the house). I wanted the flowerbed that was located where the rocks are now, to be pulled out, too. There was nothing growing in it, other than weeds. I think there were a couple rose bushes at one time there, because I dug a few up, but they were beyond help. We have plans to make more changes, one day in the future, so this will suffice for now!

And, on a happy note, the 'pit' as I lovingly dubbed it, now has grass growing in! I'm pretty excited about it- the 'pit' soon will no longer be a 'pit'!!!

265* new grass
266* a generous gift from mom
267* changed passwords
268* the credit card company reversing the fraudulent charges to my account
269* that the rivers haven't overflowed yet
270* winning fabulous prizes!


  1. Lovely layout, love the bright red, and the circles!!

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  3. I did the same thing to my blog a few weeks ago. Change is GOOD!