Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Snap Happy

Phew, uploading the pictures from this past weekend was a HUGE job! I took over 100 pictures over the last three days. Insane!!

Here's a few of my favourites:

This picture just makes me laugh. I'm actually a little speechless--this was the first thing Addison did when I was pulling their panties out of the packages so they could be washed. My crazy child!

Miss Addison in the tunnel at the play park just around the corner from our place

Maren soaking up the swings at the play park

Addison digging her slide

Look at those blues, huh? I may be a little biased, and I'm certainly not trying to brag, but WOW my children are so photogenic!!

Maren asking for assistance

I just can't.get.enough of their blue, blue eyes!!

Strike a pose. There's nothing to it!

Oma and Maren

After the play park, enjoying some ice cream

Both girls enjoying their ice cream. I think Addison is trying to share with my mom

OK. So, here's the story on this one: Addison went down the slide on their new play set, made a bee line for her poppa, gave him a high five, and then high tailed it back to the slide. It was the cutest and funniest thing ever! She cracks me up!

The only shots I have of Addison enjoying her swing. Every time after this, she'd jump out as fast as you put her in it, and say 'enough'.

And, last but not least, the entire play set. Pretty swanky, if I do say so myself. All of these pictures, except for the one with Addison wearing her undies on her head, were taken on the same day. Miss Addison had a clothing change, because she fell into the river down at Rotary Park. The river is man made, along with rapids, and it was the hot spot of the weekend on Sunday because it was such a gorgeous (hot) day. I didn't realize so many people used it. Actually, I didn't even realize it was used for entertainment. I have no pictures of us there, because it was too dang slippery, and I wouldn't let go of Addison's hand for fear of her being swept away by the rapids. There was a pretty strong current, and it looked a bit deeper than Addison is tall in the middle of it (and, of course, she wanted to wade further into it than I would let her). They thoroughly enjoyed that too, and when I have another helping hand, we will head back down there, and pictures will be taken!

I also just wanted to share with you another layout that I made:

This is based on the December 2011 sketch over at Canadian Scrapbooker. There's a few minor modifications, but its pretty close to the original sketch! I cut up some watermelon for a snack a couple days ago, and Maren was more interested in eating the rind rather than the actual fruit. Thankfully, she threw them in the garbage not long after these pictures were taken. Watermelon has to be my most favourite fruit to snack on over the summer. Its so sweet and juicy! Mmm...Addison really enjoys it, too. When she's got the choice, she'd rather have watermelon, then grapes. (Which is a huge feat for her, because for the longest time, she couldn't get them down. She'd always choke on them. Now, she loves them!) Like mother, like daughter I suppose!

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  1. They are too cute and yes.. the eyes! My youngest has the most beautiful eyes too so I get it!! LOL That is an awesome playset! Great layout too!